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Odebrecht Environmental is an Odebrecht Group company – Brazil’s fourth largest private group – that develops solutions to preserve natural resources and improve people’s quality of life through its operations in the segments of water and sewage, utilities and waste.

In the Water and Sewage segment, through partnerships with state and private companies and state and municipal governments, it complements public investments for the universalization of water supply and sewage treatment services in Brazil. The company serves approximately 16.1 million people in over 180 Brazilian municipalities.

Industrial clients from the metallurgy, oil and mining sectors, among others, outsource Utilities Centers to Odebrecht Environmental in the Utilities segment, guaranteeing the more efficient management of their assets.

In the area of Waste, the company promotes the diagnosis and remediation of contaminated areas, treatment and adequate disposal of industrial, civil construction and urban solid waste, energy valuation of urban solid waste and TWM (total waste management). It also offers maritime emergency response services.

Odebrecht Environmental works to develop and improve innovative technologies with the commitment of promoting environmental conservation and helping to improve the quality of life and development of the communities in which it is present.